UC DLFx 2018 has ended

The inaugural 2018 University of California Digital Library Forum (UC DLFx) "Building the UC Digital Library: Theory and Practice" will explore a range of topics such as engaging, enhancing our communities and creating data from materials at our respective University of California libraries; demystifying data curation; project collaboration; using emerging technologies such as 3D scanning to enhance access, and creating a UC system wide standard for born digital archival material.


Shared community notes on Google for each session, http://bit.ly/2oqzwuC

Map of the UC Riverside campus: https://campusmap.ucr.edu/

Please visit the UC DLFx wiki page for more information: http://bit.ly/UC-DLFx-2018

The conference will be held in the Highlander Union Building (HUB), Third Floor

The Digital Library Federation is pleased to support this inaugural UC Digital Library Forum (UC-DLFx) at UC Riverside and we wish everyone a successful conference!

We see new DLFx events as opportunities to foster community around the issues that motivate and inspire digital library practitioners. Regional in-person meetings and local collaborations strengthen the efforts of DLF’s active practitioner network and enrich community connections at our annual DLF Forum. We aim to support and help organize a small number of DLFx events year-round, through incubation and collaboration, space or logistical assistance, help with the program, or other types of partnerships. Thanks to the wonderful UC-DLFx organizers for adopting DLF’s Code of Conduct, working with us to establish the DLFx concept, and welcoming us to your event!

For information on future DLFx opportunities (including our social justice and digital libraries unconference at DHSI this June) or other ways to partner with the Digital Library Federation, please visit our site.